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"...being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ..." ~Philippians 1:6

You Can Live BEYOND abuse!

This site is a dedicated to all who are purposefully Living Beyond Abuse

May your life forever be filled with the supernatural grace, blessing, and favor of God.

~ Living Beyond Abuse

Dr. Destiny Perry

(Destiny D. Perry, PhD... A survivor of violent physical, mental, psychological, emotional, and verbal abuse including childhood sexual abuse, sexual assault, and rape.)

What We Offer


Providing resources and support services to victims, perpetrators, survivors, and their families

I Am Living Beyond Abuse Podcast


A candid straight forward conversation of an overview of Abuse (sexual, physical, mental, verbal, psychological, neglect, abandonment). Including the causes and effects of abuse through sharing of real-life experiences. Christian Counseling Abuse Expert, Dr. Destiny Perry provides additional natural and spiritual support for the abused and perpetrators of abuse by communicating effective ways to get out and stay out of abuse and begin to... "Live Beyond Abuse" through implementation of counseling strategies including the incorporation of God inspired scriptures as found in the Word of God.

The I Am Living Beyond Abuse Podcast is hosted by Dr. Destiny and her husband, Charles Everett, who serves as the co-host. 

The IAMLBA Podcast post weekly on multiple podcast platforms.


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Dr. Destiny Perry)

Have you ever thought about the possibilities that could exist outside of the confines of the emotional and physical turmoil that the pains of an abusive past have brought you? Have you considered a life beyond abuse? This book is a great inspiration to help you on your journey to complete and total healing from all the hurts and pains of your abuse. Many times, we find ourselves living minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, week after week, month after month, and year after year bound and attached at the hip to the trauma we experienced as a child and throughout our early adult years. Just when we seem to try to initiate an effort to move on past the wounds of our broken past something pull us back in. We return to the feelings and emotions associated with the abuse and neglect we experienced by our loved ones and close family friends. As a result, we never experience God’s best for our lives. So, my question to you is what do you want? Will you dare to trust God and believe Him for the best? Will you choose faith over fear? Will you choose to live beyond abuse? Will you choose today to live a life free of all the stigma and stereotypes associated with being a victim and walk in the restoring power of God not only as a survivor, but also as a victorious overcomer. If you are ready to begin inside you will find just what you have been looking for. I have written a guide that consists of 20 power packed and thought-provoking keys to living the God kind of life. These keys of faith will help you unlock and reach your fullest potential. God’s purpose for you is not to be held hostage by the pains and the hurts of your past, but to heal you and mend your broken heart so you can live again. You can live beyond abuse!

The Living Beyond Abuse Work “Thru” Book (Workbook) is designed to be used in conjunction with the book, “Living Beyond Abuse: 20 Keys to Living Beyond the Hurts and the Pains of Your Past.” This workbook is designed to push and motivate those who have spent years in abuse to think about the effects it has had on their life, evaluate their past and current position, and then develop a new mindset to overcoming and living beyond abuse. You do not have to stay in abuse. You do not have to allow the abuse you experienced to keep your life on hold. This workbook is not like any ordinary workbook. It will challenge you to think beyond your current state, reach, and gasp for something new and great. You will start to think better, speak better, do better, and live better as you work through the issues of your life. If you want to do anything in life, it will require work. You play a major part in your transition out of an abusive mindset, lifestyle, and your way of doing things. If you are going to live beyond abuse, it will most definitely require work. Get ready to explore a new path of living with God; a pathway of living beyond abuse! The Living Beyond Abuse: 20 Keys to Living Beyond the Hurts and the Pains of Your Past Work “Thru” Book (workbook) is designed to help you navigate your way through the Living Beyond Abuse Book. If you are serious about taking the necessary steps to live a life beyond any abusive past you have experienced this workbook is just for you! Choose today to dive into this workbook and navigate your way through all the emotions and feelings that have held you captive to the abuse physically, mentally, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually. No one said the process to healing and recovering all would be easy, but with the right tools this workbook provides, will help you work “thru” all of your issues regarding abuse. It is time to go to work. It is time to put in the effort needed be a willing participant in your successful recovery from the hurts and the pains of your past. Once you complete this workbook you will feel relieved and a release from the bondage of abuse that has held you captive for so long. You do not have to stay in abuse. You do not have to allow torment from abuse to infiltrate your mind. You can live free. You can be free. You can LIVE BEYOND ABUSE!

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