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Our Mission

To provide support services to those who have experienced some form of abuse and or neglect either as a victim and or perpetrator. We desire to bridge the gap between family members as well as community mental health and Christian professionals in providing the necessary support services. To equip survivors in their process of moving away from a victim/perpetrator mindset to health, wholeness, and healing in the mind, body, soul, and spirit. 

Our Vision

To see every person who has come from of any form of abuse encounter to live a life that is fulfilled and to the glory of God! We desire to see every person as a survivor and not a victim and or perpetrator by the nature of their circumstances and situations. 

"Do not allow your past to define you, but redesign you" 

~ Dr. Destiny 

Our Team


Dr. Destiny Perry

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault 

Trauma and Abuse Specialist

Christian Counselor 

Licensed Minister

Certified Sexual Assault Advocate

Destiny D. Perry, PhD, (CEO)

 PhD in Counseling Studies

MS Criminal Justice-Criminal Behavior

BS Psychology-Sociology


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