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Dr. Destiny D. Perry

Dr. Destiny Perry is not only a counselor, author, minister, and teacher of the Word of God, but also a domestic violence and sexual assault trauma and abuse specialist. She is the owner of Divine Destiny Counseling with Intent, where she provides a ministry of (Christian) counseling to families. All DDCI’s counseling services are spiritual and biblically based. Her purpose is to continue to allow God to use DDCI to further enhance and advance individuals, families, businesses, and church organizations to carry out the vision, mission, and spiritual assignment God has purposed for their lives. She has purposed in her heart to follow a set of guidelines and instructions to become established in the vision God has specifically given to her. DDCI is being used to help fulfill the vision of “Healing Brokenness through the Counseling Ministry of the Word of God.”

She is married to Minister Charles Everett Perry and is a mother of five children. She is a faithful partner and member of her local church that is located in Rosharon, TX for well over ten years.

She and her family submit to the spiritual leadership of her Pastor and his wife. She actively serves in the youth ministry, outreach evangelism ministry, and has been a part of the intercessory and prayer ministry. She and her children intercede daily on behalf of others worldwide. She lives her life based on the Word of God and practice biblical principles daily. She has a passion for and loves the Word of God.

She has a combined 15 years plus of ministering the Word of God, counseling, and providing social services to families (children and adults who have been victims and or perpetrators and are now survivors) who have experienced some form of child abuse, neglect, and or domestic violence. She has years of experience providing counseling to those who also has some form of developmental, intellectual, psychological, and/or physical disability or illness.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Houston and a Master of Science in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Criminal Behavior from Tiffin University. She has earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Counseling Studies from Capella University.

In addition to further advance in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of providing spiritual based counseling, she continues her education in biblical research, studies, ministry, and biblical based counseling as a licensed minister. She is a certified sexual assault advocate in Texas through the Texas Attorney General's Office to provide advocacy and additional services to survivors (and their children) of domestic violence and sexual assault.

She has been determined to fulfill the call of God that is on her life and use her experiences to help others. She has been a victim of child abuse, specifically sexual abuse, incest, physical abuse, and emotional abuse as well as child neglect starting at the age of four and ending as a teenager. However, though the child abuse ended at age seventeen, she transitioned into another level of abuse. Starting at age seventeen, she experienced five years of being a victim of domestic violence (age seventeen through age twenty-two) where she was subjected to physical, emotional, and verbal abuse, including sexual assault and rape from her male abuser.

She now knows her past childhood experiences played a significant role in her later becoming a victim of domestic violence. Knowing this she has felt compelled and called by God to help this particular population of victims and survivors. She has taken a very different perspective of overcoming abuse than the views of the world. She understands to help treat and heal victims of any abuse; the perpetrator/abuser must be given the same resources as the victim/survivor. You cannot end child abuse, child neglect, and domestic violence without providing services to everyone involved who have been affected by the abuse.

She is the author of the book entitled, “Divine Destiny…The Lived Experiences of a Woman's Testimony,” which talks about her experiences of child abuse and domestic violence starting from her early childhood years throughout her early adulthood. In addition, she has other book publications such as, “Healing Strategies: A Guide to Providing Spiritual Counseling to Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence” and her books, “Living Beyond Abuse” and “Living Beyond Abuse Workbook” provides numerous keys needed to live a life beyond abuse and provide counseling strategies that will be highly effective in ministering to the abused, which is the strong foundation DDCI uses to counsel all clients.

In addition, she has a passion for education, teaching, and training of children and have written a book, “Parenting with A Purpose: Fulfilling Your Kingdom Assignment as a Parent”. She understands parenthood is a call of the Kingdom and often parents need to be reminded of this and given the necessary tools to properly parent God’s way. There is purpose in parenting!

She has declared and stands firm that she has overcome all obstacles (depression, suicide, post-traumatic stress disorder, fear, loneliness, etc.) associated with abuse through only the Living Word of God. She now lives a successful and victorious life! God has healed, delivered, and restored her life from the physical and emotional wounds of her past. God has allowed her to use her experiences through her writing ministry to provide a unique ministry of counseling to others who have and are currently suffering from any form of abuse.

Her purpose is the help others draw near to God and become free of abuse and the effects of it through the Word of God. She wants all survivors to experience the supernatural healing power of the Word of God and live in the purpose God has for their life. She has purposed in her heart to continue to follow the will of God for her life by providing a ministry of counseling even through writing to reach abused men, women, and children. She continues to promote the healing power and full restoration God gives that comes through knowing His Word. It is God's anointing alone that removes burdens and destroys yokes, which causes survivors to walk in the blessing and favor of God.




... Living Beyond Abuse ...

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