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If you have any questions regarding submitting a payment please contact IAMLBA to inquire about fees assessed for services and to make a payment. Payment arrangements and alternative payment fees assessed are not available. The fees assessed are those that are expected to be paid before or at the time of rendering services. IAMLBA WILL NOT negotiate fees for a lower price. IAMLBA  DO NOT accept health insurance. However, UPON REQUEST ONLY, you will be provided receipts for any paid services provided to you for tax purposes for healthcare expenses.

* IAMLBA DO NOT accept any insurance payments or co-payments at this time. You may be able to submit all receipts to your insurance company for any reimbursements that may be covered and applicable under your health/mental coverage. Please check with your health insurance company.

*Counselors are licensed ministers of the gospel and hold advanced educational counseling and psychology degrees in counseling studies and Christian counseling and ministry and are not necessarily licensed or certified as a professional counselor or counseling psychologist.

If you have a payment related questions, please contact IAMLBA at:

Master Card/Visa Card

For In-Person Payment a Counselor will be able to swipe your form of credit card payment at the time of the session.


Make a payment Online through PayPal Services using a checking or savings account, MasterCard or Visa card.

(A invoice for services will be email to you and you will be able to pay for service by clicking on the pay now link when opening your email. Then you will be taken directly to pay for your services


please click the link below and it will take you directly to a link to submit payment for your services



For In-Person Payment a Counselor will be able to swipe your form of credit card payment at the time of the session.

Cash App

Submit a direct payment for immediate processing to cash app


Zelle or 281-300-7930

Electronic Transfer

Submit an electronic account wire transfer to pay for services. Please contact DDCI for more information on submitting a wire transfer of funds.

Payment by Mail

Divine Destiny Counseling with Intent

P.O. Box 1100

Fresno, TX 77545

*Make all checks, money orders, and cashier's checks payable to:

Dr. Destiny Perry, Divine Destiny Counseling with Intent

(Please include counselor's name and IAMLBA on the memo section of the check or money order)

payment must be received and processed prior to session

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